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Louis Trenta has worked as a licensed real estate sales agent for six years and has called Southern California home for almost twenty. In fact, you could say Louis is a "Cali connoisseur" when it comes to SoCal culture as he enjoys expressing his musical talents, harbors a vast knowledge of fine wine, considers himself a foodie, and of course, he loves to talk about real estate. (And his past clients who refer him over 95% of all of his business would likely say when he talks about real estate, he knows what he's talking about.) Just read his testimonials!



Although it is not typical for a realtor to share information about themselves, I believe in the art of a personal touch and innovation in exploring new ways to approach business and life. This is a short glimpse into the guy you are about to hire as your realtor for life.

My full name is Louis Trenta Jr. and my father Louis Trenta Sr. is a real estate broker living in the town I grew up in, Edison, NJ. I honestly never thought I would follow in my father's footsteps, but throughout my life my family has always been my #1 priority. I know if I had nothing else, I would always have my Italian family.


Our last name TRENTA translates as "thirty" in the english language and I was born on the 30th day of August. I use my last name as my brand to pay respects to my great grandfather Luigi Trenta and my late grandfather Angelo Trenta, who worked so hard in the oil industry after migrating to America in the mid 1900's. Their first business was called TRENTA fuel & oil, which my uncle, Bob Trenta, still owns and runs in Edison, NJ.